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2 Responses to “[ PELÍCULAS ]”

  1. 1 Ray
    24 marzo, 2011 a las 8:14 pm

    Hi Rafael, I read your post at Benjamin Fulford. I am not subscribed but follow the blog with interest about world views. I am writing to you specifically because you seem to carry a higher light quotient than the average on the blog. I followed your dialog with the entity known as Hope and wanted to share my perception of her with you…I would say that she is an energy feeder or possessed by energy feeders. she has a cycle that seems to repeat…she comes on big time and pushy and ruffles some feathers and feeds off the angry energy that is projected back to her and when her cup is full she leaves, pretending that she is too busy to hang around, later when she handlers get hungry she returns for more of the same…all in the name of jesus.

    And now today Paladin is on your case, telling you to go away when just this week he commenting about how wonderful the blog is for allowing all view points. I had been wondering what his agenda is all along and he finally gave us a clue this past week….he said something like “we have to save the US dollar”. so now I finally know what he is all about, Benjamin often talks about a win win situation for everyone which likely doesn’t include the not so mighty US dollar as the world currency.

    By the way I am from Canada, but I am a galactic citizen at heart and I read your comments with interest.

    • 24 marzo, 2011 a las 8:55 pm

      Haha, yeah, you’re right, I often tend to forget that I’m on the internet.
      If I hang around the computer too much, I eventually tend to get the feeling and evade from reality.
      Still, on hopesprings, I must say that she’s been the subject of many private e-mails form various members who do not buy her.
      In reality we are many who do not like Hope.
      I like ambients with good vibes, and definitely when religious persons like her come out the vibe’s gone.

      I’m most sure Hope is under the influence of S2S or negative oriented entities.
      Still, her misfortune is her blind belief in an already defunct, debunked and outdated religion. I used to call her during a period of time where we fighted a lot, “Blindsprings”, which I think suited her better. She has read alternative information, and has had access to information that would surely have made even doubt a bit the most close minded person. Still, it’s here decision. I’m not there to judge anyone, least her.
      In fact I see her as a respectful troll.
      We all have the capacity to do either bad or good, we are the source of both, and attract with our thoughts, plots and decisions entities that are native to this plain of existence.
      I’ll explain:
      “Malicious” beings are from this realm, this is their home.
      You cannot hate them for they are doing their task, their rightful duty and it is connected to your behaviour….understand, you are the perpetrator, they react.
      They never instigate, you do. If you do hate them you are missing an important part of the reality….respect them up to a certain point. This will also show you are conscious about them and that will be recognised.
      So to my opinion she forms part of the many “obstacles/enemies” we find in life, and should be respected as such. Though because she is a human being, it’s quite difficult to expect a minimum universal consciousness, as it is rare.
      Unlike lower astrals and other off-spectrum beings which do recognise your increase in universal consciousness as it is part of their duty.

      I do think there is a reason for everything, and therefore one can’t really “hate” the enemy despite their evil and twisted ways, it’s difficult, but each time I force myself to give a step back and observe the situation, to abstract myself from my surroundings, the more clear I see it. Everything IS. Actually the surroundings are easier for me to recognise them as such. My next goal is the full comprehension of my being, the I AM.
      Knowing yourself and where you really are, are the 2 most important issues that you should be involved with. It is your task to find out. In fact, if someone gave you the correct answers, it would not mean a thing to you for they would not be attached to you in a way they would if you would have found them yourself.
      If you find the answers to those, you have accomplished a huge part of your duty towards yourself.


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