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CONFIRMADO: ¡¡La conspiracion del hombre de paja ES internacional!!

Ésta PERSONA, es tu ficción jurídica llamada "hombre de paja", que está conectada a tu ser (humano), se rige por las leyes marítimas, y tiene un valor añadido. Podrás encontrarla con tu nombre en mayúsculas en tu certificado de nacimiento.

Rafael; Re: 28th @ 5:01pmYes, the straw-man conspiracy is international!

Clearly, Rafael, if you live on planet earth you are caught.

However, we both know the remedy to escape.

I filed my release documents in the late 90s and have had no problems since.

UCC documents in Spain should have the same terminology as the UCC is global Law above all.

I am not aware of any direct, clear documentation showing a straw-man/bond connection other then the lien process using the UCC -1 Financing Statement, UCC-3 Change Statement, UCC-11R Search Request, and Secretary of Treasury documents. You might obtain copies of these forms for formalization. I recommend you obtain the book; UNIFORM COMMERICAL CODE AND RELATED PROCEDURES GUIDE. I’m not sure of the cost now, but when I first started it was about $20.00, published by Registre’, Box 218, Anoka MN 55303, (612) 421-1713. The only documents of title/negotiable instruments that are sent to the Secretary of the Treasury are those that are the subject of a Bill of Exchange and have commercial value, namely: Birth Certificate (including Naturalization Papers); and Commercial Presentments of commercial that have been accepted for value. The monetary value of the Birth Certificate is always $1-million. The explanation provided long ago by those who first Cracked the Code is as follows: “One Million Dollars is our minimum bid, and one million dollars is their maximum bid.” That particular figure, then, is the only dollar amount held in common by both sides. They indicated, Do not change the value of the birth certificate, it is always $1-million. My understanding is that all your doing here is just starting your Account. This Commercial Registry offers anyone the opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of their life by getting themselves proofed up against the legal pirates, parasites, and vampires who, if left unchecked, would continue to gouge their pound of flesh and bleed dry their hosts until the last drop of economic lifeblood was gone. However, such a cast of con men and crooks is not easily dislodged from the cushy throne of legalized piracy that they have so cleverly managed to establish for themselves. If one wishes to free yourself the best possible chance of protecting yourself, your family, and your property from judges, attorneys, government officials, and the taxman__and a certified copy of all pertinent UCC filings constitutes such legal evidence.



(Aplicado en la Commonwealth y Colonias Ex-britanicas)
NOTA: De seguro existe en el resto de países. Lo que pasa es que no se nada sobre este tema fuera del marco anglosajón.


The Strawman Illusion – The Matrix Revealed
Duration: 1:34:55 – 2 years ago
An indepth discussion into who you really are.


Caveat Redemptor; Latin, let him beware one who reclaims.
When cracking the Code (UCC) it was discovered that the Social Security Account Number is a “public” number belonging to a “public persona, a “person,” a legal entity different from yourself and artificial as well; i.e. existing in contemplation of or by force of law alone. This is your alter ego, ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS-WRITTEN NAME straw man. “Straw man” is a legal term for a “front man,” or nominal party to a transaction, existing in name only which allows the owner to accomplish some purpose not otherwise permitted. Under the UCC, our straw man is defined as, and serves as a “transmitting utility.” Your transmitting utility straw man is also a vehicle, and also “an inland vessel in admiralty.” In admiralty, names of vessels are designated in all-capital letters. This artificial person created by law at one’s birth via the inscription of an ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS NAME on the birth document/certificate, which is a document of title and a negotiable instrument. Some birth certificates have two sets of numbers printed on the back of them. One of the numbers pertains to the state “warehouse district” where the birth took place. The state is the warehouse. Each county is a warehouse district. The Governor is the main warehouseman. The county recorder of each county is the district warehouseman. The birth certificate is a warehouse receipt, or field warehouse receipt. It is also a dock receipt. The “ship,” the “vessel in admiralty,” i.e. your mother, was docked/berthed at a specific warehouse (hospital) in a specific warehouse district (county), and the “goods” (you) were born/birthed/berthed and “delivered” thereto. The straw man has a fictitious name written in a manner not provided for in the rules of English grammar. Your straw man has a same-sounding name as you (man or woman), but is artificial and exists only by force of or in contemplation of law. A straw man is a distinct legal entity (corporation) that benefits the creator (US Government) because the creator can then accomplish things in the name of the straw man that would not otherwise be permitted__e.g. secretly acquire property, do business with one’s enemies, etc. The people of the world have been politically and ravaged because they did not know of their alter ego, public-persona straw man. Bankrupt governments use such straw men for the purpose of siphoning wealth from otherwise sovereign men and women and conveying the proceeds to their creditor, the Federal Reserve/IMF. A straw man serves its owner/master with slavish devotion, but you did not even know that you had one. He has been running around obligating you and entering into all kinds of unconscionable contracts and causing you much grief, heartache, and economic misery. It is time you got to know this fellow and set things straight. I hope you will continue to research and discover your straw man and bring him/her under your control instead of theirs. After Redemption, you can use your straw man for benefit, rather than continuing to be enslaved and abused because of it. The Commercial Registry (UCC filing offices located in each state and elsewhere) exists so that a private-party Creditor may formally establish the legal relationship between himself/herself and a Debtor. It allows for the Creditor, or “Secured Party,” to register a “perfected security interest” (a lien, essentially)_ above all others, including government _ in the property of the Debtor, thereby ensuring repayment or specific performance by the Debtor and the legally precluding any third party from intervening in the private control. In the Redemption Process your straw man is the debtor and you, the Secured Party. Your relationship to each other is more defined in a “Security Agreement.”


English Freemen Standing In Court – Council Tax Hearing – The Takedown Begins (Speed Edit)


Police Interview a Freeman
Parte 1:

Parte 2:

Parte 3:


The Hidden Meanings Behind the Laws in America


Para aquellos interesados en llevar acabo la separacion del papel burocratico que representa la ficcion juridica de “hombre de paja” bajo leyes maritimas, a hombre libre en tierra.
Hay un manual el cual casi se podria decir es el unico que explica todo con detalle:
A203 – Redemption Manual 4th Edition
On June 5, 1933, Congress passed House Joint Resolution (HJR 192) which suspend the gold standard and abrogated the gold clause in the national constitution. Since then no one in America has been able to lawfully pay a debt.
The Redemption Manual 4th Edition will teach you about the process that will take you from being A DEBTOR SLAVE ON THE PLANTATION to a SECURED PARTY CREDITOR – and that is quite a LEAP!
This is the latest, ‘Updated Edition’ of the original Redemption Manual which was the FIRST BOOK that covered the complete redemption process. Here you will learn the fundamentals necessary to REDEEM your Strawman and take control of your DEBTOR and all property by filing a security interest and allow you to establish the standing and capacity as a Secured Party Creditor. It is the HOW TO BOOK that will teach you; What redemption is (commercially and from a ‘Biblical perspective), all about the Accepted for Value Process, How Corporations fit into the scheme of things, Public Education, the Monetary System, the Republic, Money Creation and Banks, Your Mirror Image, and HJR-192.
It will walk you through the beginning documents set-up; show you how to file your UCC-1 to become the Secured Party/ Creditor and how to charge back to the Secretary of Treasury your birth certificate to ‘charge-up’ your UCC Contract Trust Account with simple forms and instructions. You will also be shown how to ‘do your own’ Security Agreement, Power of Attorney, Copyright Notice, Hold-Harmless Agreement, UCC-1 and UCC-3 to take back control of your, ‘Debtor/‘Straw-man’ and all of the collateral and property.
Additional ‘educational and reference material’ is also included, plus the forms you need and on a BONUS CD with even more background, history and reference material.Price: $115.00


reply posted on 23-7-2010 @ 08:24 PM by metro

Great thread. This is something that I wanted to post for a while. I have quite an in depth understanding of what this implies. As many may have guessed, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your LEGAL FICTION. To give you a run down, all law except common law (and Tort law in Canada) is contract law. This means that in order for you to be charged under any criminal or statute law, you must first be in agreement with their rules. By birth, you were entered into a contract with the government that created your legal fiction, or “straw man” by your parents. In which, you, the flesh and blood person, is held legally liable for all the strawman debt and therefore, because you are now a legal entity by force of your name (in capital letters), can be held in the court of law. Your birth certificate is nothing more than a bond issued by the government to be traded on the open market. The collateral, or assets behind it, is your expected earning/tax generation over the entirety of your life. Your REAL BC, contains your name as it is truly written; IE: John Doe, not JOHN DOE. The funny part of this is that you as a flesh and blood person are only subject to common/tort law which states you must not infringe or inflict harm on any others (Or something to that extent). When you engage a police officer in discussing a breaking of the law you have entered into contract with him by answering his vague questions such as “Do you understand” which means, “Do you stand under my authority”. Without any verbal or written contract no police officer, judge or any other government/law figure has any jurastiction over you. The same goes for licensing and registration. By registering your property with the government you are handing over title to them (Legal ownership). They, in return, give you the “Right of use” which is subject to their terms and conditions. By merely possessing a driver’s license, for example, is an automatic acceptance into their contract in which you must abide by their set rules (No speeding, stop at stopsigns, setbelts, etc). Create your own license, and it’s considered an international license which limits the law enforcement in how it can prosecute you. To put the OPs discovery into context, what that little document is stating is that without a registered birth certificate (Remember, register means handing over ownership) the state cannot take your children away for anything. Once you have registered your BC, your child is property of the government and it gives you “right of use”. Sounds funky, but this is the reason why child services can take your children away or why they are forced into school. What that document is stating is that without a BC, the government has no jurastiction over that child. Some very interesting things to be learned with this topic and it is very important. If any of you have any questions regarding this, or how money is used or how your have infinite credit available to you (Due to you being the creditor to the gov’t when they used your BC as assets to borrow money) by all means ask away I’ll be more than happy to fill you guys in on this little scam.

Originally posted by Pauligirl
reply to post by metro

Do you know of any case where someone has won using the “strawman” argument?
The all caps thing–doesn’t make a bit of difference one way or the other.
Don’t try it in court–these folks did and lost. “claims because his name is in all capital letters on the summons, he is not subject to the summons. … completely without merit, patently frivolous, and will be rejected without expending any more of this court’s resources”)
Can you show an international license that is recognized by the state?

Oh yes, most definitely and I can tell you exactly why it failed. If you refer back to my previous post, you’ll see that I stated that at birth you are liable for your legal fiction. This means you are held liable for all debts and charges (both statute, criminal and commercial… all contract law btw). The first thing anyone must do in becoming a true “free man” is to reclaim their straw man. That is, Become Your Legal Fiction’s Creditor, rather than it’s debtor.This is achieved because, by contract law, there must be 3 elements in a contract for it to be valid. Consideration, disclosure and agreement. That is, you must receive something in exchange for signing, you must fully understand the terms and you must be in full agreement. In contract law, you must be of legal age to be able to enter into a contract. Therefore the only loophole available to us in our struggle is to contest the contract that we were entered into at birth (Due to being .. well, a baby). We did not receive consideration, nor did we agree or understand. Therefore, the contract is void and we cannot be held liable for our straw man. But you must provide proof of this for any of this to be true. The proof is your actual ORIGINAL birth certificate. There are forms out there for your to lay claim to your straw man. I am in the process of obtaining this for myself. But in the case you brought up, from what you said he went into court and blatantly stated that because my name is in capitals I do not apply. Well, first of all by stating this he has already admitted he is the person in question and therefore liable. Second of all, if you want to fool the courts you must make sure to ask a fundamental question: “By answering this question, am I entering into a contract with the court?”. They must say yes or no. If they say either, you are legally allowed to respond in just. Like I said, they must have juristiction over you for their laws to apply. When you enter court, think of it as entering a game that is played by their rules – just like “life”.





Ted Gunderson: CIA And Satanism, Ritual Child Abuse And The Pedophilic Illuminati

Conferencia completa de las antiguas 8 partes, que de nuevo han vuelto a borrar:

Otra conferencia similar:

Algunas de las investigaciones de Ted Gunderson en PDF:



Conspiracy of Silence




Rituals Of The Illuminati




FR3: Sacrificios y fosas comunes de niños
FR3: sacrifices & charniers d’enfants


Entrevista a los hijos de Pierre Roche


Chateau des Amérois – El Castillo de las Madres de la Oscuridad


Mas allá del escandalo Dutroux (Los Expedientes-X Belgas) – Pedofilos en el Bilderberg


AHM (alt.hackers.malicious)
The Real X-Files (De todo un poco y muy completo, lo une todo, urgad)


ATENCION: Imágenes explicitas
Niño Desmembrado : Victima de rituales Satánico-Masonicos, que implican sacrificios infantiles entre otras cosas.


Capitulo sobre el satanismo en el libro de David Icke:


MKULTRA victims and hidden messages in the media:

Mother of Darkness Castle (Chateau des Amérois):

The Fluoride Deception:

Ilustrous Bilderbergers inside the Dutroux Affair Scandal:

Expanded info on:

Rosaleen Links found through joghurt’s comment on:
#55 joghurt (16. Dez 2009 11:26) @

Tambien creo que Barroso está metido en el mismo saco, por algunas cosas que lei de él en algun lado, ahora mismo no recuerdo, relacionadas con el escandalo de la Casa Pia (dudo mucho que los culpables fuesen solo los que salieron a la luz).
En la pagina de ISGP tambien encontrareis informacion relacionada con la Casa Pia.
Para mi son todas las mismas redes, sea en Benelux o Portugal.–disturbing-backcloth-Madeleine-case.html

Of course Barroso is innocent…How could he be guilty? – What were you expecting, for him to just pop out and say: “I’m guilty”?

Ex-actor infantil narra como llevaba el circulo pedófilo en la industria del entretenimiento.
Implicados actores, presentadores y políticos famosos.

Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland, and Abroad: An Eyewitness Comes Forward and Names her Torturers

International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State






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Rafael Edgar Neville Morales, Francisco Somarriba Iglesias, Greg Grisham, Benjamín Moreno Silva (sMAb), Antonio Honorio

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Night Tracks & Albums / Flickr Pro: Tilman Paulin

yellow leaf road

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Ahora que se acerca el otoño(en Europa al menos), he pensado en acompañarlo con música.
Sin embargo, hay tantos discos que recomendaría, que esta vez he decidido hacer un recopilatorio.
En verdad he de confesar que mas que música otoñal, es nocturna, aun así encontrareis que puede acompañarlo muy bien.
Adjunto esta obra maestra de Tilman Paulin, uno de mis nuevos favoritos, que he descubierto gracias a Flickr y la búsqueda por cámaras.

La diseñé para acompañarme durante esas noches tranquilas que tanto me gustan.
Y creo que, por lo que me cuentan, ya tenemos bastantes seguidores de la Bat-vida.
No sabemos porque, pero, es en las noches donde encontramos nuestro momento de reconexion mistico con el eterno, y fluimos mejor.

Una selección muy cuidada, que sorprenderá a mas de uno, si logra encontrar el momento y el estado de animo adecuados.

Adjunto una captura de la recopilación:

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